Benefits of CBD for Veterans

Veterans sacrifice so much. They undergo life-changing experiences that cause strain on their physical and mental wellbeing each day in order to serve our country. Many methods of rehabilitation exist, but one that is making a name for itself in the military community is CBD. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the major benefits of CBD for veterans.

First, it’s important that we shine a light on the reality these men and women face when they return home from their missions. Then, we will discuss how CBD, or cannabidiol, can contribute to their journey towards a normal, healthier life.

CBD for Veterans

The most prominent diagnoses among military veterans observed at Veterans Affairs medical facilities are depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and chronic pain. According to a study conducted by Miriam Reisman, over 500,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD alone.

Research indicates that treatment for these diagnoses can be even more powerful when accompanied by CBD for veterans who’ve been affected by depression, PTSD, or chronic pain, as well as those affected by all three.

Here’s how.

Combating Chronic Pain

Chronic pain experienced by military veterans is most commonly remedied by medicine or physical therapy. A popular practice is to prescribe opioids since they offer pain relief among other benefits. However, opioids also introduce major risks, including addiction. 

Cannabigerol has been showing promising signs to help with opioid addiction, but like everything else cannabis-related, more research needs to be done to investigate this theory.  While cannabidiol should not normally act as a substitute for treatments, it is suggested that the replacement of opioids may be the exception. 

One of the main benefits of CBD for veterans is that it can be used to treat the physical pain experienced by relieving chronic pain, such as inflammatory and neuropathic pain, as explained by Peter Grinspoon, MD on the Harvard health blog.

CBD capsules

Support Through Therapy

Depression and PTSD in military veterans are typically treated by trauma-focused psychotherapies and prescribed medication. One component of these psychotherapy sessions involves extinction learning. This is where the veteran is taught how to unlearn counterproductive behaviors that have been learned as a reaction to the trauma they’ve experienced.

When CBD is incorporated in the treatment, there is an increase in the “unlearning” process. This, in turn, can increase effectiveness and speed up the process of patients working through traumatic memories, which is referred to as prolonged exposure therapy.

Battling Insomnia and Stress

As reported by the Office of Research and Development for Veterans Affairs, “CBD could also ease insomnia and over-arousal. Those types of effects are beneficial on their own, but they could also further boost Veterans’ engagement and retention in treatment.”

CBD in the military

The insomnia developed by military veterans can be attributed to a couple of different things. Some of the main contributors are the stress of combat life and the high level of discomfort that results from the physical and emotional trauma experienced on duty. Two other factors are their irregular sleeping schedules while deployed, as well as the living conditions they must endure.

CBD is said to help veterans suffering from insomnia by not only helping them fall asleep but also stay asleep! 

Before implementing CBD into any routine, a doctor should be consulted to see if it would be a complementary addition to the treatments for the veteran in your life. 

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