Our Story

Our story starts 30 years ago, in between the west Texas towns of Lubbock and Brady. Our family started out in the feed industry, where we learned that quality and trust are two of the most important elements of a successful, ethical company. In 2015 we branched out from the feed industry and began to open specialty pet retail stores. It was in our pet stores that we first witnessed the power of CBD products. The pet CBD products we stocked were selling like crazy, turns out people were buying them for themselves, not their pets! We became curious about the benefits for humans. So, we did some research and realized that CBD products may help relieve our daughter Lexi’s debilitating and chronic symptoms. Lexi was born with Charge Syndrome and suffers from a variety of ailments, which range from chronic pain to  bowel related issues.

During this time..

Lexi’s obstructive bowels began to worsen. In fear of the worst, David started her on daily doses of CBD. I was livid. I’m a christian woman through and through and the last thing I could imagine was allowing members of my household to consume cannabis in any form. However, at the end of the day, I’m a mom watching my daughter suffer. Within 9 days of beginning daily CBD supplements, Lexi’s symptoms and quality of life had drastically improved. The benefits that CBD brought to her, as well as our entire family has  inspired us to not only improve the quality of life for Lexi but for all Texans. This is how Texas Tonix was born. We vowed that Texas Tonix would offer only the purest, most transparent products available. We soon realized that we weren’t able to find CBD products here in Texas that offered the transparency and trust that are essential to our business. So, we took a trip to Colorado in search of the very best CBD products on the market. We fully trust the products that we stock, and we vow to always be transparent about every aspect of these products, from their manufacturing to processing to bottling. We’re confident to share these products with you.

Our Whole Family Uses CBD Products


He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;

Psalm 104:14

Our Mission & Values

We stock only certified, third-party tested CBD products to support and inspire your families health needs. In Texas, when you give someone your word and a handshake it’s a sign of honesty, integrity, and commitment to follow through till the end. We put these same principles into the products we sell. Our mission is to help improve your quality of life with premium, third party tested products that are safe enough for our own family. 

Family matters immensely to Texas Tonix and because we are in the great state of Texas, we realize that our families are very diverse being multicultural and of different ages shopping together. We celebrate these unique dynamics that is why you will find our website, educational materials, labels, and even some of our consultants bilingual. 

From Our Family to Yours

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