COVID-19 and CBD

The world is currently facing a horrific pandemic called Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Coronavirus is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. COVID-19 symptoms can range from asymptomatic, mild, or severe illness. With 215,000+ deaths due to the Coronavirus disease, researchers focus on finding a solution or cure. 


Without properly functioning lungs, it’s hard to remove carbon dioxide that’s not safe for your body. COVID has caused harm to the lungs and can cause lung complications like pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and Sepsis.


CBD or cannabidiol comes in many forms such as liquids, capsules, and salves. CBD has many health benefits and may help with anxiety, epilepsy, pain, immune health and more. As such, researchers are curious about the benefits of CBD on COVID-19. Below, we look at how CBD could positively benefit COVID patients.

COVID-19 and CBD

Early evidence has found that CBD could help patients with Coronavirus that show signs of respiratory distress, avoid extreme interventions like mechanical ventilation. When exposed to COVID, lungs can get severe inflammation, also called Cytokine Storm. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD may reduce the Cytokine storm and calm the inflammation in the lungs. 

Texas Tonix

The study referenced above is an early one, and as the CBD industry grows and more information becomes available, we will update accordingly. Until then, Texas Tonix continues to help those in need through CBD oils, salves, capsules, smoking, inhalation, and more!

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