Finding the Best Way to Consume CBD for You

CBD can be used to treat pain, migraines, digestive issues, seizures, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other physical and behavioral conditions. This is why so many people are joining the cannabidiol community. Members of the CBD community consume it orally, topically, or through inhalation. Each method behaves differently, so it’s critical to identify what you want to gain from using it to find the best way to consume CBD and ensure you get the most beneficial results.

Cater to your desired experience


Apply oil droplets under your tongue, take a capsule, drink CBD-infused tea, or eat some CBD honey, CBD-infused candy or gummies.

CBD topical

CBD-infused topicals can be applied directly to the skin or through a CBD patch.

CBD flower

Inhaling CBD can be accomplished by smoking CBD flower, vaping oils or using CBD inhalers.

So what does this mean for you?

For example, someone who has upper respiratory problems will want to stray away from inhalants, and someone who’s diabetic will want to avoid certain foods, so they may prefer to use a water-soluble to avoid spiking blood sugar. Cancer patients have reported that they choose to consume CBD by using oils or water-soluble to avoid adding to their pill fatigue.

There’s even this fact chart that breaks down the details for each method. Remember, these are only average results, not guaranteed. Effects do vary based on body anatomy and levels of wellness.


Let’s discover which CBD consumption method is best for you while considering your preferences and needs.


In most cases, oral applicators can take up to 120 hours (5 days) to start taking full effect and for you to start feeling the benefits. This CBD consumption method can take many forms:

Consuming cannabidiol orally is good for users who need the effects to last longer. CBD-infused foods or beverages can take up to 2 hours to kick in. And just like the nutrients in everything we eat or drink, only a small amount of the CBD is actually absorbed into your system. Since consuming CBD orally requires your digestive tract to break down the components, the CBD is dispersed throughout that process rather than immediately.

Putting it under your tongue using a tincture will circumvent this by going directly into your bloodstream. However, whatever you happen to swallow from under your tongue reverts back to the digestive process that was previously described.

A major benefit of liquid oral consumption is that you can control the dosage you consume. When you purchase prepackaged products, you can find the amount of CBD each product contains on the wrapper. This way, you can determine how much to ingest to cater to your desired outcome.

Our products use a very scant list of ingredients, and you’ll never ingest any sneaky fillers or any sort of junk, right down to our tinctures!

Water-soluble is a different animal when being digested.

Those little CBD oil droplets are made up of even tinier globs. Those globs are broken down through a specific process that in turn transforms them into what we know as water-soluble. Because of its powdery form, it can easily be added to the things you already drink every day. That includes anything like water, coffee, or even wine. The best part is that you can start experiencing the therapeutic effects soon after it’s consumed. That’s the advantage of using a water-soluble over tinctures: the absorption rate is much faster!

Additionally, some of our capsules are created using nanotechnology. What that means is the CBD has been crushed into even tinier bits. Because of these two form differences, it works a lot faster. This nanotechnology is ultimately the same process as the water-soluble, except it’s in the form of a capsule that doesn’t need to be added to any additional food or drink.

This consumption method is popular among athletes, as they report that it helps boost endurance and recovery. For them, it’s just like taking any other vitamin their bodies need to be on their A-game. CBD helps boost their immune system and reduces pain and inflammation.


Topicals are CBD infused solutions that can be applied to your skin. These products include:

CBD enthusiasts will apply infused topicals to their skin habitually. That includes all sorts of people, like athletes and people who feel lingering pain from past injuries. They prefer this method due to its relieving effects on localized pain and skin conditions. Some of these conditions include arthritis, multiple sclerosis, eczema, etc.

The natural thickness of the skin can be difficult for the cannabidiol to absorb. To make sure the deep tissue is reached when applying topicals, suggests using a topical with a high level of CBD and applying a generous coat on your skin.

Regardless of the amount you use, you don’t need to be concerned with the Delta 9 THC. As mentioned before, the product is going to stay very localized and never reach a concerning level, especially if it’s one of Texas Tonix’s full spectrum products.

Another major benefit of using topicals is how discreet they are. This method can be incorporated into your self-care routine without interrupting your daily flow!


While vaping or smoking CBD has the same effects as when topicals are applied or when it’s ingested orally, this method is preferred by cannabidiol consumers who may desire instantaneous effects. This is because the CBD can be directly absorbed by the bloodstream, causing our herbal enthusiasts to feel the effects in as little as 90 seconds. Within this time, it’s been observed that more CBD is absorbed into your system compared to the amount that’s absorbed in 2 hours after consuming it orally.

This is a big plus, but it’s important to remember that using inhalants can cause potential damage to the lungs depending on how you choose to burn them. Different smoking methods are available to minimize harm. In fact, smoking CBD using a coil is considered the best choice for those who prefer this method.

By now, you should have a better idea of what the best way to consume CBD is for you. The next step is to find some quality cannabidiol near you, and this step-by-step guide can show you how! Or you can stay cozied up in your own home and have some of the finest CBD products delivered right to your door from one of the most trusted shops in Central Texas, Texas Tonix.

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